Austin, Tx

30 years old originally from the Dallas area. I have two bands here in Austin: The Black Leather Banshees as well as my Danzig tribute band Tranzig(come see us). I enjoy going out to as many shows as I can and am super excited for Fun Fun Fun this year!

Top 5 Bands, in this order:

1. Smoking Popes
2. Bad Religion
3. Circle Jerks
4. Black Sabbath
5. Valient Thorr

The list changes from time to time, but the top three stay the same no matter what.

Bands I've been in:

1. Figurefour(Texas hardcore, not the Canadian one)
2. Follicle(Nirvana cover band, active in Dallas 1996-2000)
3. Black Leather Banshees
4. Tranzig
5. Mystery Ski Mask Band
6. Gintala Gontala

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