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Well i just recently became unemployed....uhh no the the recession didn't hit me ...i hit the recession by failling my u/a test...sucks! But Im still living and im still going to Fun(x3)=Fest!!!!!! Hells Yeah!...But as what i do now is just be at home and every so often i go out and look for a job that pays good...besides that my hobbies are Rocking like a rockstar in my room when i want to escape...i use to do this live in front of people but i quit my band "see you tomorrow"...I try to do as many good deeds i can in the world as i see them...until i honestly get tired and start helping my self....I enjoy living with my parents right now because i help keep them sane ......and i hate driving my car cause many people think its yellow when its awsome silver ..and they think it also saids cab when it really saids Honda Fit!! My Best friends are Louis and Mike and they SHOULD be going to Fun(x3)=Fest with me!!

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