Austin, Tejas

I don't think I've ever been to ACL, not that there's anything wrong with ACL. I just find the bands at FunFunFun Fest to be alot more interesting and worthy of my time ( IMHO ). I luv new/independent/experimental rock and electronica. So , much so I play keyboards and guitars and have a couple of songs up at ''. I'm always happy to talk about any non mainstream music ( always did dislike Pearl Jam ... dunno why ... they just never hit my fancy ). Eclectic with my film interests as well.
So, if you see me wandering about FunFunFun Fest feel free to chat me up about anything regarding music/film and why sex with David Letterman is the most Millenium disgusting thing a person could do , as I still have much to learn ..., and as we all know ... the fun is in the learning.

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