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Fun Fun Fun Facts: I am one of 6.5 billion people on the planet. My eyes are brown. My hair is brown. My fashion sense permits me to wear Guatemalan peasant clothes in a motley array of colors and textures. I travel the world a couple times each year. I speak 2½ languages. My favorite color is green. I cook fresh homemade Italian pasta dishes, mainly of the vegetarian variety, at least twice per week. I support free speech and equal rights for all people. Last night I had dinner with two friends, one from Laos the other from Burma. We ordered spinach tempura, shrimp blankets and pad kee mow. We then sipped iced Thai coffees and discussed deeply personal information. Hm, do you want more general information about how I came to be where I am? I moved to Dallas several years ago after teaching exotic English for 3 years in Hungary and Italy. I grew up and was "schooled" in Madison, Wisconsin. Oh, and my name is inspired by the tragically doomed tortured genius writer David Foster Wallace. If you want to know anything else, about me or other facets of life, please do not hesitate to inquire.

Love you,
Hideous Man #26

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