To the woman whose boyfriend called her a

Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 9:13 AM

[not a missed connection. just a stranger who cares and thinks people should be treated with respect.]

To the woman outside Kebabalicious on Sunday whose boyfriend screamed/called you a "dirty trick," and "super c*&#," making him listen to this "hipster bullsh*#" among much other douchebaggery, which he punctuated by throwing an entire beer in your face and then stormed away, leaving you alone, covered in beer .... deserve better. I don't know your story, but that guy was so seething with anger, so verbally abusive and foul...there's just not an excuse for that. I know you quietly told some stranger next to you that you "know how to handle him when he's like this," but my boyfriend and I both saw that you're a beautiful young woman and you absolutely, unequivocally shouldn't have to. And I pray the bruises all over your arm are because you're iron deficient and a klutz like me and nothing more. I hope your complete lack of reaction was because you were stunned/embarrassed and not because this is a commonplace occurrence.

I cannot fathom a situation where that behavior would be warranted. He's a dangerous, juvenile, angry, asshat. (and again, I don't know the story. If he has actual diagnosed problems, then kudos to you for standing by and working through it, but he needs more professional help than he's currently getting before he really hurts you. it was scary.)

You deserve much, much better.