to the ladies of the ffffest

Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 10:45 PM

um, you all looked mad sexy...
and i can only goddam the fact that there aint enough room in my trunk for all of yas. however, mine eyes did gather a tasty smattering of the general spread of women there.

girl with awkward artificially colored hair - x
girl in stripes - x
girl with "nerd" glasses just cuz they look hot - x
girl in tights/impossibly tight jeans - x
girl with moustache and/or "shh!" tattoo'd on her index finger - x
girl with chest tat - x
girl whose friend was more into me than girl i took home - x
girl in TOMs/vans/converse - x
girl who arrived with a hip-ass (now dead) boyfriend - x
girl with (face) piercings - x

anyway, you gals all looked FUCKING BUFF! and i loved every instance of yas. your idiosyncratic ways and your killer bods made funFest what it would have been all about if it weren't already all about the delicious music in the air. i love you, i watched you all very carefully... and my other trunk is a pickup.
so no worries.
- cartoon monkeys got you hard
it must have been the hair -