Dating Advice For The New Year

Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 1:36 AM

Listen up ladies. As someone who specializes in helping men to meet women for a living, every now and then I like to throw a little bone to the females out there as well. If your friends aren’t going to be honest enough to help you out, somebody has to right?

In the spirit of the New Year being a fresh start for all of us, today I would like to provide five dating tips that will help get your love life back on track this coming year. Here’s the information that your friend just might be holding back on you:

1. Stop talking so much.

According to various studies, women on average speak thousands of more words per day than men. But for some women, this number is beyond counting. I know you ladies out there love to chat, but excessive talking on a date will destroy your chances. Take a breather, listen to your date, and monitor just how much you are vocally dominating the date. Talking is good. Too much talking, not good!

2. Get out of business mode.

Too many women out there treat these first dates as if they are the presidents of a company, looking to make their next hire. Don’t make your date feel as if he has something to prove and relax with the endless barrage of questions that feel like an interrogation. Ask important questions when needed, but keep the conversation light on a first date.

3. Make time for men you are interested in.

Nothing is a bigger turn off for men than women who act is if we are lucky to be squeezed into their precious little schedule. Its okay to have an active life, and you should aspire to have a busy social life as well. But when you meet someone you are interested in, make time for that person and clear out your schedule a bit. Balancing your love life before your career is not merely important, it is necessary.

4. Stay positive on a first date.

Nobody wants to be around a complainer. Studies show that those who spend most of their days around negative people often become negative themselves. Quality men want to be around women who are positive and uplifting to their day. Complaining and acting negative on a first date will only make us wonder how much worse the complaining will get over time.

5. Show off that sex appeal.

At the end of the day, men are men, and we are all quite visual creatures. Perhaps nothing will reel us in more than a woman who shows us a little sex appeal and the true potential that she has as a woman. This doesn’t mean you have to have sex with us any time soon, just present the visual of what we are working with, in a way that remains classy. When it comes to looking sexy, often times less is more. and something that you must own ,such as annal sex that you can have a try~

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