My 2 Cents

Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 4:11 PM

Fun Fun Fun Fest has become a tradition with my friends and I, and even though I moved to Colorado this year, I made the trip back to Texas to continue the badassery.
I stayed 2 weeks and it has made me home-sick for Texas for sure.
Now I want to talk about the things that I didn't like.

1.The site talked about a "bike valet", having a place to chain up your bike is not the same as a bike valet, and I was super nervous leaving my bike unattended.

2. Dust, everyone knows that Auditorium shores is a dust bowl, they should have put down grass, This will be the home of FFF for several years, this is really a necessity.

3. SOUND? the sound was not up to par with a festival this large. I thought the sound was downright awful for several performances, and only adequate for the rest of the time.This is what upset me the most about the whole festival. Go to Nocturnal, and listen to the sound, its amazing, this was not.

4. Gotten too Big, I feel that they over sold the PIP, the pip areas were crowded there wasn't any intimacy. I didn't really make any new friends. The thing was just huge

5. Food, meal tickets were cool until the venders found out that were not getting much compensation for the vouchers. The first day i got great food. the second day was chincy, and the third day , I was actually refused by a couple of venders.

What i did like

1. Bad ass Swag.
2. FFF nights I thought this was great, although, I was too tired to go to them after the second day. lol this was a real Win for sure!
3. Shuttles, I used them when i wasn't biking. this was a great idea!
4. Groundctrl. those guys are bad ass. they are always awesome...
5. Austin, i just love this place, great food here and home of many of my friends.

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  1. Re: My 2 Cents

    Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 7:27 AM

    $9 dollar Tecates also suck.

  2. RE: My 2 Cents

    Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 4:10 PM

    Also dont forget to hit the Waterloo tent to get signatures! Just pay 5 dollars for a poster you can fill up.