Soul Khan - What Day?

Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 3:17 PM

If you haven't heard of Soul Khan you need to seriously get your heads out of your diapers and dial this cat in. He's a helluva hip hop artist and brings his flow so smooth it'll make your wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, extended entourage of Mexican cousins...and bi, questioning, and gay friends...drop their pants and scream for more...and in case you're a hetero'll be wondering how your manhood could ever be reduced to such utter nothingness within Soul Khan's lyrical wake. So yea...he's badass.

And on his FB page he's stated that he's coming to the Live Music Capitol of the World and Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 to drop some jams and make you wonder how such a mastermind has flown under your Radars of Awesomeness undetected. Well it sure as hell ain't stealth cause he's been dropping albums and rippin' MCs in battles for a long time just got your eyes off the prize by listening to too much of that sweet little Bieber girl.

But anyhoo...he's booked...or is he? Cause I can't find his shining disco ball name on the lineup...and I suppose I should assume that he'll be in the rap battles...but goddamn...that ain't right...this guy needs his own stage time with his homie Akie backing him up. So when's he gonna rock the house? Cause if I miss him by taking an ill-scheduled dumper in the ole porta-potties....well shit, we're gonna have ourselves a bit of reckoning on the streets of Austin.

So brothers and sisters...get those little fingers dancin' on the keyboards and help your friend Morbius out for just this one time...

Peace and Shiznaty-O's,

It's not about who's right...only who's left.

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