11/09/13 Time TBA

It seems fitting, upon listening to Pelican's music, that the band hails from Chicago. When Tortoise and their contemporaries ushered in a new wave of instrumental music over a decade ago it was a pastiche of genre-defying sound, simultaneously cohesive and expansive in influence. Similarly, Pelican's songs touch on so much from the canon of rock music. Never content to remain static over the course of their almost decade long career, 2009 finds Pelican has shifted gears once again. This year sees them on a new label, Southern Lord — a label helmed by Greg Anderson, whose own axe conjurations in SUNN, Goatsnake and Engine Kid have long been admired by the Pelican camp – and presenting a new full length. What We All Come To Need is Pelican through and through and the apex of their creative aspirations. It is the album that straddles most confidently the fine line between adherence to roots and the mining of the unexplored.

Auditorium Shores
920 W Riverside Drive
Austin , TX 78704
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